Melbourne Airport (MEL)
Car Parking

(Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

In total, passengers planning to leave their vehicle at Melbourne Airport (MEL) will be able to choose between a total of four different car parking areas, which remain in full operation throughout the day and night.

Each of the separate car parks at Melbourne Airport are literally just a short walk away, being easily reached from the Terminal precinct in just a few minutes. The choices are explained below, along with locations and how to pay.


Short-term car parking at Melbourne Airport (MEL) is situated next to the international Terminal building, being aimed at those wishing to quickly drop-off passengers. Almost all of these parking spaces are completely covered from the elements, with the closest being a mere 100 metres / 328 feet away from the terminal.

Parking charges are paid at automatic machines on level G, level 2 and also on the ground level at the customer service office. Credit cards are accepted for payment.


Long-term car parking features almost 5,000 spaces and is situated some 200 metres / 656 feet from the main buildings of Melbourne Airport (around a three-minute walk). Regular 24-hour airport courtesy buses connect the long-term parking area to the Terminal precinct, running every 20 minutes or so. Fees can be paid at the payment machines in the Terminal or by credit card at the gate in the actual parking area, upon arrival and departure.

Daily Business

Business travellers at Melbourne Airport (MEL) will find their preferred daily car parking is to be found opposite the airport's Qantas Domestic Terminal, close to the South Terminal. This area is conveniently only 50 metres / 165 feet from the northern side of the Terminal precinct, and so clearly visible and very easy to locate.


The Express car parking at Melbourne Airport is situated alongside Terminals 3 and 4. The tariff is charged at 20-minute intervals up to one hour, hourly up to seven hours, and then for set periods, with discounted weekend specials being available. However, this is an expensive place to park for longer times.

Melbourne Airport MEL

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